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For Those, Who Are Interested In Bicycle Riding. The Club For All Categories Of Riders

Riding Techniques

Whether You Are Tackling Your First Sportive, Looking To Improve Your Time, Or Taking On A Big Event Abroad, You Will Find All The Skills And Techniques.

Improve Your Road Racing Skills, Tactics And Etiquette With Our Exclusive Racesmart Video Content.

Safety Training

It Focuses On Basic Bike Checks, Suitable Clothing, Bike Control, Emergency Stopping, Avoiding Obstacles In Your Cycle Line, Observation, And Signaling.

Our Training Courses Are Designed To Teach People To Ride More Efficiently, With Reduced Risk.

Cycling For Fun

With Fuel Costs Spiralling And Fears For The Environment, Many People Believe Now Is The Time For Them To Ditch Their Cars And Get On Their Bikes.

Cyclingforfun Is A Fabulous Resource For Those Keen To Get The Best Out Of Cycling, Green And Healthy.

Tips & Hints

Start At A Steady Pace And Shift Through Your Gears Until You Reach A Balance Between Maintaining A Decent Cadence And Sustainable Intensity.

To Get His Bike To Fit, Lopes Removes The Fork And Puts It Inside His Suitcase, Wheels Included.

Cycling Advice For New Cyclists

  • Get Learner And Being Faster

    Body composition is a set of percentages that breaks down your weight into fat and lean pedal-pushing muscle. You’ll get the most accurate reading from a special

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  • Reach Your Ideal Cycling Weight

    Behold the mighty pound. Each one has potential. To put raw power into your pedals. To outsprint the masses to the line. To ascend the likes of Mont Ventoux.

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  • The Biggest Mistake On Climbs

    You know that burning feeling you get 10 minutes into a hard climb? It shouldn’t be there. It’s your legs telling you that you’re burning too many matches too early

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  • Ride With People Better Than You

    Have a friend who’s a total badass on the bike, but you’re a mere beginner? If he or she asks you to ride, do it! “I’ve learned to accept that if people who are faster

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  • The Beginner’s Road Cycling

    Take a stroll along the pavement bordering any dual carriageway or stand at one of the junctions leading into any major city, and you’ll begin to get an idea of the importance

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  • The Highway Code And Cyclists

    Watching the antics of some cyclists on the road you could be forgiven for thinking that the Highway Code doesn’t apply to them. But it does, and those choosing to ignore it

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  • Promoting Cycling To Improve Health

    The measures described in this article would not only reduce pedestrian and cycling fatalities and injuries but also allow millions of people, many of them dangerously overweight

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Promoting Safe Group Cycling

We’re All Responsible For Ensuring That We Behave Ourselves Out On The Road … And That Means Behaving Ourselves As If We Were Driving Cars Instead Of Bikes, Since As Cyclists On The Road We Have The Same Responsibilities As Automobile Drivers. We Stop At Stop Signs And Red Lights, Signal Our Turns, Stay In Our Lane, And So Forth. And We Watch Out For One Another To Ensure That Our Fellow Members Stay Safe. We Point Out Problems On The Road To One Another, We Stop And Help Each Other When Someone Has A Mechanical Issue Or Gets A Flat.

Basic Cycling Tips

Know Your Gears
Your Front Gears (Located Near Your Right Pedal) Are Used To Make The Biggest Shifts. You May Have Two Or Three Chain Rings To Choose From.
Learn To Brake
The No. 1 Rule Of Braking Is To Use Both Brakes Evenly, Particularly If You Need To Stop Suddenly. The Front Brake Provides More Stopping Power.
Be Smooth On Pedals
Think About Turning Circles With Your Pedals Rather Than Pushing Down On Them. Imagine You'Re Gracefully Wiping Mud Off The Bottom Of Your Foot.